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Foto von Jana in einer modernen Bar in Bangkok.

This is me: Jana


I’m a foodie. Eating is one of my favourite hobbies, through which I always try something new. Because every meal is filled with history, personality and creativity. All of this I want to share with you.

Illustration einer Gabel, die ein Brokkoli-Röschen aufgepiekst hat. Darüber steht der Text "mmh".
Illustration eines Huhns mit einem Herz auf der Brust.


I aligned my lifestlye with my ethical beliefs. For the animals. For the environment. For the people. One might argue: "But you can’t be vegan and a foodie!?" Oh, yes. And I will show you that with this blog.


Every summer of my childhood we traveld to France. Now I want to know more about the world—or to be exact: I want to experience it. For that I’m always looking for the most ethical and morally acceptable ways.

Illustration eines alten Reisekoffers mit einem Auge.
Illustration eines Buchs, neben dem eine dampfende Tasse Tee steht.


My heart beats for more than one passion. Beside the ones I already mentioned I love design as much as I’m a nerd. Comics, fashion, video games—this fills the remains of my free time. Maybe I tell you about it some time.


I was always fascinated by spooky things. They just attract me. That’s why the vibe (and the name) of the blog are more on the gloomy side. I would be thrilled if you have as much fun with it as I do.

Illustration eines Totenkopfschwärmers.
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