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Vegan in Stuttgart

The Schlossplatz with a "V"-sign hand.

The capital of Baden-Württemberg is my home of choice. And that's why I know for sure that it's becoming more and more vegan-friendly here. You'll find at least one plant-based option in most restaurants. But there are also places where you don't have to endure the smell of steak from the table next to you. Here is a list of purely vegan food spots and vegan experiences in Stuttgart City.



Vegan food spots in Stuttgart

The list of food spots is sorted alphabetically. The map will tell you exactly where to find them.

Another Milk

Another Milk: Two coffees with latte art hearts.

Starting off this list is Another Milk, a coffee shop in the beautiful Calwer Passage. Yes, I defined "food" a little more broadly. Here you can get classic coffee specialities as well as more unusual ones and shakes. You can choose your milk alternative freely from several options. In addition to soy and oats, the selection also includes rice and coconut. If you can't decide, the baristas are happy to make recommendations. My favourite drink is the pink latte: espresso, frothed milk and beetroot juice. The shop is very small, so unfortunately they don't have any seating – all drinks are to go.

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Banh Mi & Bubbles

Banh Mi & Bubbles: One Banh Mi snadwich, Cocktails, a Bao Burger and the restaurant.

I am a fan! There was a time when I visited Banh Mi & Bubbles once or twice a week. I don't go there quite as often anymore, but still very regularly. They serve delicious cocktails and Asian street food: especially the name-giving Vietnamese sandwiches (in classic and creative variations, e.g. with gold dust), but also ramen, bowls and bao burgers. The restaurant is not yet 100% vegan, but has plans to become so over the course of the year. The ambience is modern, casual and with changing art on the walls. No wonder Stuttgart's hipster scene meets here. Every Sunday evening there is stand-up comedy – admission free. Another plus: the restaurant donates all its profits to the aid organisation Stelp e. V., so a visit is worth it, and not just for you.

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Fancy a bubble tea? You can get the trendy drink completely vegan at Bobaaz. Whether fruity or milk tea. Choose between tapioca pearls or fruity bubbles. If you want something special, you can also order your bubble tea with a candyfloss cloud, which looks perfect for Instagram. Besides the tea, you can also get vegan soft ice cream and smoothies here.

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If you are in a hurry or need something on the go, Cigköftem is the place to go. Here you can get falafel and – as the name suggests – cigköfte, which are Turkish balls made of bulgur and red peppers. You actually eat them with a lettuce leaf, but they are also available as a wrap. They are combined with a spicy sauce, fresh coriander and a squeeze of lemon juice. It makes them taste very refreshing. Cigköftem has two branches in Stuttgart: in the Milaneo shopping centre and in the Königsbau.The latter has tables in front of the building in summer – perfect for people watching.

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doen doen planted kebap

doen doen kebap: Ein kebab, Baklava and the restaurant.

Every city needs a really good vegan kebab. And in Stuttgart, you can get it at doen doen planted kebap. Here you can get kebabs, yufka and kebab plates with a very tasty planted meat alternative and grilled vegetables. They also have vegan oat-based ayran, which is very tasty and refreshing. A must-try is the vegan baklava. I'm not lying when I say it's the best baklava I've ever had!

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Energetic Life

Energetic Life: A tasting platter, vegan cheese balls and a rose latte.

Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, organic, regional - the dishes at Energetic Life are no less. You can get tacos, wraps, sandwiches, but also tapas, burgers, bowls, salads and more. Changing desserts and cakes round everything off. The mission of Energetic Life is to offer dishes that give you nutritious and long-lasting energy. You will find the restaurant on the first floor of Schulstraße.

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Heaven’s Kitchen

Heaven’s Kitchen: The 7-Senses menu and I.

Heaven's Kitchen is not only vegan, but also zero waste. For this, the restaurant won the German Gastro-Founder Award 2023. If that's not impressive enough, wait for the food. Because in the evening, Heaven's Kitchen turns it into a memorable experience. So they call it that way: the 7 Senses Experience. I was there for the premiere and it blew me away - because it was so good and so much that I completely gorged myself. So what is in store for you? All dishes of the fixed menu are served directly on the table. Everything happens live and right in front of you. There are no plates. You eat directly from the table. You read that right! But it doesn't stop there. When I was there, they even lit a sprig of rosemary on our table. It's a spectacle and definitely something you have to experience.

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Hotel-Restaurant Köhler

I was really looking forward to the opening of this restaurant! Because although I wrote at the beginning that you can find vegan dishes in most restaurants in Stuttgart, this is unfortunately not true for typical Swabian food and most breweries. The Hotel-Restaurant Köhler is changing that now! Here you get Swabian classics – completely veganised. The owners have worked on the dishes for quite a while. Because Swabian cuisine is actually anything but vegan and only rarely vegetarian. I have to say: Köhler has managed the change really well.

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Jones Donuts

Jones Donuts: A cinnamon bun, a mango donut, an Easter special and vegan milkshakes.

Fancy something sweet? Then there's no way around Jones Donuts. The cinnamon buns and both the more classic and creative donuts are to die for! But even if you're more in the mood for a savoury snack, you'll be perfectly served with one of the sandwiches. I like to order one of the seasonal special donuts with a coffee or, on warm days, with one of the delicious mylkshakes.

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Körle und Adam

Okay, Körle und Adam is not in Stuttgart city centre, but a little outside in Feuerbach. But the probably oldest vegan restaurant in Stuttgart simply can't be left off this list. It has been serving exclusively vegan food since 2013. Come here if you want a special evening, for example if you have something to celebrate. Because here you only get 3- to 4-course menus, which you can also put together yourself.

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Soy Club Vegan Restaurant

Soy Club Vegan Restaurant: Several Tapas, a lemonade and the restaurant.

The Soy Club is the first vegan Asian restaurant in Stuttgart - and the youngest restaurant on this list. Sharing is caring, as the saying goes. That's exactly why you can share tapas in Asian variations with your friends here. The focus is on Vietnamese dishes. From classics like edamame to dumplings and even bowls, it's all here. There's even vegan salmon tartare and vegan shrimp, which are suuuper close in taste and texture to the animal versions.

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Super Jami Kitchen

I first came into contact with Super Jami Kitchen when I was looking for a vegan caterer for my 30th birthday. I have to say: Kathi and her team's cooking skills absolutely blew even my omnivore friends away. You get real feel-good food here – from Tex-Mex to Asian, it's all there. And the tacos are to die for. Maybe it's because I love to eat with my hands. So come by for breakfast or lunch.

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Vegalena opened in 2022. When I first read the menu, I was honestly a little disappointed. Pasta Arrabiata and Thai Curry? Hm ... Sounds like typical vegan options in omni restaurants. But then I saw the first photos of the food and was amazed. Until then, I didn't know how beautiful these dishes could look. And the best thing is that everyone can find something here – no matter what you and your friends are in the mood for.

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vhy: Two courses from the multi-course menu and two courses from a special event.

The vhy! has made veganism socially acceptable in Stuttgart. And that is no understatement! The restaurant was founded by footballer Timo Hildebrand and artist Tim Bengel. These well-known faces probably contributed to its success. But the rest of the work was definitely done by the food, because it's really delicious. You can order à la carte or opt for a surprise menu with three or four courses. In both cases, the dishes are placed in the middle of the table so you can share them with your companion. The ambience is very modern. In summer, you can sit in the beautiful backyard.

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The market hall is Stuttgart's delicatessen heaven. For years, besides perfect-looking vegetables and whole truffles, you could mainly find cheese and meat in all varieties here. In 2022, a large vegan deli stall opened right here: the vhy!GOLD. As the name suggests, the stand is a cooperation between the vhy! restaurant and Veganes Gold. Here you will find many unusual delicacies (I only say: vegan salami made of figs) and fresh snacks, such as delicious sandwiches. The prices are - as you would expect from a Stuttgart market hall stall - on the higher side. But if you want to treat yourself, it's definitely worth it.


There's something I have to confess: I don't understand the hype about bowls. Nevertheless, I too have a craving for something light and healthy from time to time, especially in summer. In such moments, the Yuícery is a good idea. The signature bowls are hearty and versatile – whether you're more of a salad or pasta lover. Those who are undecided can also put together their own bowl. The sweet bowls with fresh fruit are particularly instagrammable. To drink, you can get smoothies, shakes and the classic hot drinks. The vegan chain has two branches in Stuttgart – one in the Milaneo shopping centre and one in Hospitalstraße.

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Vegan experience

Vegan Street Day

The oldest vegan street festival was launched in Dortmund in 2006. Today, it also takes place regularly in other cities - like Stuttgart. The Vegan Street Day Stuttgart offers a whole weekend of concerts, street food, lots of information and sales stands.

Vegan Christmas Market

There are various Christmas markets in Stuttgart - including a 100% vegan one. The vegan Christmas market in Stuttgart is still quite small, but it gets bigger every year. It is organised by Zsuzsa of Leckerschmecker Küchenfee. You can expect various stalls with food, sustainable Christmas gifts and (as it is fitting for a vegan event) an information stand on animal welfare.

Vegan Food Tour

The west of Stuttgart is one of the hippest areas in Stuttgart. Finding a restaurant here without vegan options is indeed difficult. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised when Instagram showed me an advertisement for the Vegan Stuttgart West Tour by Eat the World (only in German). On a guided tour, you not only get to know the neighbourhood, but also spend three hours sampling the vegan offerings of the local food scene. Don't forget something to drink on the way! Because it’s not included.


More information

I've put together a few more resources for you to stay up to date with.

Stuttgart isst vegan

On the German Instagram channel "Stuttgart isst vegan", the lovely Andrea shares her vegan food finds in and around Stuttgart.

Vegan Lover Stuttgart

Also a German Instagram channel with info and a linked map to vegan food in the city. In addition, "Vegan Lover Stuttgart" dispels vegan myths.

Happy Cow

My go-to website (and app) when looking for food in a city I don't know. Here are search results for Stuttgart.


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